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Concern form is undergoing maintenance

Our online concern form is currently undergoing maintenance. However, if you have a concern about a Scottish charity, you can still email it to OSCR.

Please email c& and provide us with the following information:

  • The name of the charity (or body representing itself as a charity) you have a concern about and its Scottish charity number (where applicable)
  • Your name, address, postcode, contact number and email address (OSCR will also accept anonymous concerns but this may restrict the action taken)
  • If you have raised your concerns with the charity
  • Your relationship with the charity (employee, trustee, service user, etc.)
  • When the issue you are concerned about happened
  • The main points of your concern (please try to give enough information for us to understand each point. For example, dates and particulars of all parties involved, where appropriate)
  • Evidence you have to support your concerns

Before sending a concern to us, we recommend that you read our guidance How OSCR deals with concerns and inquiries which sets out what you, the charity, and the public can expect from us. In the guidance, we explain the options available to OSCR when we become aware of a concern about a charity, or when we identify that something is not operating as it should.

In asking us to consider your concern, you accept the way in which we work and our authority to come to a final decision in the matter. We will not provide updates, but when our inquiries are complete, we will write to let you know and tell you the outcome in general terms.