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COVID-19 guidance on Annual General Meetings updated

12 Feb 2021

We regularly update our COVID-19 guidance for charities to reflect the questions and concerns coming in to us. 

Recently, we have received queries from charities asking what to do if they have had to postpone an Annual General Meeting (AGM) because they are now getting to the point where the next AGM is due. 

Today, we updated the ‘Charity meetings and governance’ section of the guidance to give charity trustees some support when thinking about how to deal with this situation. You can find it here

At OSCR, we really appreciate the way in which charities have engaged with us during the past year.  The questions you ask and your ongoing reflections are essential in making sure we are developing guidance that is as relevant as possible for charity trustees. 

If you have a question, or if you would like to provide feedback on our existing guidance, please get in touch by emailing