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OSCR Online is changing…

08 Jun 2022

OSCR Online is the system charities registered in Scotland use to submit annual information that will displayed on the Scottish Charity Register. Launched over a decade ago, it has given thousands of organisations a way to be transparent about their activities throughout the year.

The system is due to be upgraded in the coming weeks. Although it will still be called OSCR Online, it has been rebuilt from the ground up with a number of new features. The main changes for charity users are:

  • A new look
  • Charities will be given the option to nominate three individual users to access a charity’s record, removing the need to share a charity’s login details
  • Links to our latest news and social channels

Moving to our improved system will take some time. OSCR Online will temporarily close for around one week to allow us to complete the upgrade. We will give charities advance notice of these dates when they are confirmed, but we would ask any charities with an annual return deadline in June or July to submit annual information now if it is at all possible.

When the upgrade is complete, every person listed with OSCR as a principal contact will receive an email telling them that they are an OSCR Online user for the charity they are currently associated with. They will also receive a new password for accessing OSCR Online. These charity users will also have the option to invite up to another two people to access a charity’s record.

Our website will have new guidance available that explains how users can use the system. The questions we ask as part of a charity's online annual return will be the same as they are now after the upgrade.

We will be inviting feedback on OSCR Online after the change, so if you have any ideas please email

OSCR Chief Executive Maureen Mallon said,

‘OSCR Online has proved to be a vital in improving a key driver of public trust - transparency.

‘Upgrading this system is another significant step in improving how we handle our digital transactions with charities. It will be safer, more secure and give us the opportunity to make future changes to the annual return process in a quicker and more cost effective way.

‘We are committed to ongoing improvement at OSCR. OSCR Online specifically has a roadmap of improvements set out for the rest of the year and beyond. This roadmap includes a review of online annual return questions and additional online forms. We welcome any additional feedback to assist us on this journey, so please get in touch after OSCR Online launches with your thoughts.’