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Share your views – Digital health and care data strategy

19 Jul 2022

Do you, your charity, or the people you support, have an interest in how information is held, shared and protected?

Digital approaches to health and care and the data that drives it has been vital in delivering services throughout the pandemic, and continues to offer opportunities for the future. The Scottish Government is keen to hear your views, and the views of the people you support, on how this can be realised.

Take part in the consultation here.

Data should be harnessed to the benefit of people living in Scotland. This includes the delivery of better services, greater innovation, and ensuring that people have greater access to, and greater control over, their health and social care information.

The consultation runs until 5pm on Friday 12 August. The Scottish Government also continues to run engagement events for health and care professionals, third sector advocacy groups and the public. You can find out more about these events and any ask questions by emailing