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Vacancy: Casework Team Leader

03 Mar 2022

We are currently seeking applications for a permanent Casework Team Leader at OSCR.

The salary for this post is £31,266.00/per annum and the application window closes on 16 March 2022.


  • Manage, support and coordinate the people in your team and your own casework to ensure consistent delivery in line with OSCR’s corporate planning and priorities, allocating work and effectively balancing available resources with identified risk and customer demand and working with other teams to escalate or de-escalate tasks when the risk changes.
  • Ensure that your and your team’s work on cases is proportionate to the risk identified and has clear outcomes in addressing that risk.
  • Ensure that you and your teams work in accordance with agreed procedures, legislative requirements and procedural fairness, following best practice in identifying relevant and credible information sources and assessing evidence, while seeking and using professional advice and input from colleagues across the organisation when required, and making timely and defensible decisions.
  • Working with Communications and Engagement colleagues, ensure that you and your team increase public confidence in charities by communicating clearly, transparently and proactively with charity trustees, stakeholders and the general public about your casework and its outcomes.
  • Manage and support the people in your team in handling challenging conversations and interviews, acting with impartiality, firmness and diplomacy with and taking into account the impact on those involved, the wider sector and the public.
  • Adapt to short-term changes and new challenges in casework risk by working flexibly across the range of OSCR’s casework and effectively allocating resources to tasks as required, remaining positive and focused on outcomes.
  • Manage the individual performance of team members, setting objectives and performance targets and monitoring output, and develop and support the team and individuals with any learning and development needs, ensuring that succession plans are in place.
  • In line with organisational priorities and needs, work as part of a flexible team to perform other tasks and take part in projects as required.

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